Xmas 2011 Gingerbread Cookies

Anne Hung Special Edition Cookies

Joey's Personalized CARE Cookies


Cookie Monster

Me want cookies! For Deven's 2nd birthday! 

Thank You OOOPS!

SweetLee Made with Ellen & Anika. Thank you cookies for all the teachers at Joey's school!

Summer Solstice

Cupcakes made for CARE in celebration of Summer Solstice


Preston's 5th birthday cake. No more flowers and pink ballerina slippers ... ;-)  My little boy is growing up!

Beautiful Peonies ...

My new favourite flower is peonies (used to be tulips). They are absolutely beautiful! I love their fluffiness, reminds me of sweet pink cotton candy ... yum!

This wedding cake is three tiers of lemon cake with raspberry buttercream, covered in fondant, with fondant branches. I think this has become my favourite (but I think I say that about almost each cake I make ... ;-) )!

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! The cake was amazing you did a fantastic job on the decorations and it tasted even better than i could have imagined...... it was beautiful!!!!! thank you again it was amazing!"  ~ Jenn

Cyndaquil ...?!

She's a Pokemon character! I had no idea who or what it was. You learn something new every day!

Half chocolate and half vanilla cake made for one of Joey's best buddies, 9th birthday! Wonder what she'll want for next year's cake?!

Going Up?

How do you make an escalator themed-cake look appealing?! It was quite the challenge coming up with a design that was good-looking and on budget for a small family celebration.

Chocolate cake with vanilla oreo buttercream made for sweet Lauren's 11th birthday. She is just obsessed with escalators as she is from a small town! And this was her request!

I wanted Lauren to be able to keep the escalator as a gift, so I made the escalator out of gumpaste and supported it with rice krispie treats. Glued it all together with royal icing and even added the yellow safety strip at the edge of each 'step'. It's all edible should she need a sugar rush in the middle of the night!

What is this?!?! McGyver re-run ... (those of you who are old enough will understand. Oops! I just dated myself! Eh, it's just a number ...

Stair template - I figured this one out backwards too ... my mind works in mysterious ways! Let me explain ... I combed the Dollar store (my favourite store!) for something I could use to make stairs with. Could not find anything, dominoes but they were too small. I knew that I still needed stiff cardboard paper so thank goodness they had that! I gave up and went home thinking that Jeff will help me figure it out, but he wasn't home. So, I thought I'd start with the paper, measured out what I thought would make good 'stairs' and started folding. Then I thought, well this is great but I need something to support the weight of the strip of gumpaste while it dried. So I looked around the house ... cereal and granola boxes, CD cases, DVD cases, then ... Thank you Joey for your DS game cases!!! They fit perfectly! It couldn't have worked out better!!!

With that obstacle out of the way, I was able to make the escalator. I cut out a long strip of gumpaste, ran a comb down the length of it to make the 'ridges' of the escalator and then placed the strip along my 'stair' template.

I hope Lauren likes her escalator and the cake too!

"The cake was yummy and Lauren really enjoyed it!  I've included a pic so you can see the smile on her face.  Thanks again for all your hard work!"  ~ Alissa

Garage Inc.

This is a cake ... the main body of the car was a strawberry cake and the engine was chocolate mocha! This cake was commissioned to celebrate the launch of a new computer game, Garage Inc. That's something I wish I could do!

OMG! Where do I start? Sunday ... 4 days ... late nights ... I'm pooped! I didn't think it would be difficult just challenging. Designing the care required lots of thought, planning, and McGyver antics (thanks to hubby).
McGyver, for the young 'uns, was a TV series about a dude that got out of sticky situations with whatever was available. So it's not like a have a car board runner maker sitting on my shelf at home, so for the car board runners, we measured it out carefully and used cans (peaches), box of granola bars, stiff paper and duct tape to fashion a drying spot for the board runners so that as it dried, it kept it's shape. Took us two hours to figure that one out!!! McGyver could get out of a jam in 20mins.
What do I know?! I'VE NEVER BUILT A CAR BEFORE!?!?!? I always dreaded getting a 'car' cake order and now I know why ... So be forewarned, the next 'car' cake customer ...   ;-)

l would like to tell how amazing the cake is that you just dropped off at TRANSGAMING....makes my work look great.(better than it did before)  ~ Ken

The cake was a hit!  Thanks a lot.  ~ W.

Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood ... complete with red carpet!

Made for a 30th theme birthday party - 10" tier is hazelnut cake with chocolate mocha buttercream and 6" tier is coconut cake with raspberry buttercream.

"Where do I begin? You did such an amazing job on the cake- it completely surpassed my expectation!!! It looks a million times better than the original pic I sent you...I can't thank you enough!

Justin's party is tonight so he hasn't seen it yet but I know he'll be ecstatic! We even decided to use it as a centre piece- it looks way too good to just bring out to sing happy birthday than cut it up right away... Either way it'll be difficult to cut up such a work of art!!!

Than you thank you thank you!!!"  ~Joanna

"Everyone thought it was amazing - and it was sooo delicious too! Thanks Audrey!"  ~ Andrea

Giraffe in Toronto

A very vanilla, purple and yellow checkerboard cake made for a cute 1 year old's first birthday!

Valentine Message ...

I was through three trays of heart shaped cookies, when Joey came downstairs to see what I was doing (the smell of gingerbread finally lured her away from her computer-induced zombie trance!). She caught me just in time and asked if I could make star shaped cookies for her friends. I replied with, "But it's Valentine's Day!!!" And she countered with, "I know mummy, but I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea!" At eight years old?!?! How does one already get the "wrong idea"?!?!
It's no longer cool to give out heart shaped cookies on Valentine's Day unless it's to someone in your family. Did you know that?! I did not know that. So for parents of 8 yr olds soon-to-be, please make note! Needless to say, this year Valentine's day was symbolized with star shaped cookies. I'll let you know for how many years this will last ...

My Best Birthday Ever!

 ... started with breakfast in bed, made by my swweeet Joey, all by herself!
and here's what she made me at daycare! A miniature baking scene with standard-size cupcakes added to show how small everything is!!!

Complete with my Kitchenaid mixer, bag of sugar, muffin pan, eggs, measuring cups, a pound of butter and the thing with the blue top is one of my flour containers! I'm still astounded by her level of detail ...

Introducing ...

 sweet little Kennedy ... need I say more?!?!

and to celebrate her arrival, her mom requested a 'just' vanilla cake!