Thank You OOOPS!

SweetLee Made with Ellen & Anika. Thank you cookies for all the teachers at Joey's school!

Summer Solstice

Cupcakes made for CARE in celebration of Summer Solstice


Preston's 5th birthday cake. No more flowers and pink ballerina slippers ... ;-)  My little boy is growing up!

Beautiful Peonies ...

My new favourite flower is peonies (used to be tulips). They are absolutely beautiful! I love their fluffiness, reminds me of sweet pink cotton candy ... yum!

This wedding cake is three tiers of lemon cake with raspberry buttercream, covered in fondant, with fondant branches. I think this has become my favourite (but I think I say that about almost each cake I make ... ;-) )!

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! The cake was amazing you did a fantastic job on the decorations and it tasted even better than i could have imagined...... it was beautiful!!!!! thank you again it was amazing!"  ~ Jenn