It was a Sweet Christmas!

Just a few of the Christmas cookies that were made this season! Oatmeal lace cookies pictured above and my classic gingerbread decorated cookies to the right. Also made Mexican tea balls (hazelnut shortbread cookies shaped into balls and rolled in icing sugar) which I have to quadruple the recipe because Jeff eats them all before I get a chance to package them!!! And almond brittle drizzled with dark chocolate! It was a sweet Christmas! ;)

Snowflake Cake

SweetLee Made for the 20th Year Anniversary of the Swansea Craft Sale, fundraiser event for the Swansea Public School.

Chocolate and vanilla cake with vanilla swiss buttercream

Happy 97th BDay Granny!

WOW! 97 years old!

Granny ordered a chocolate hazelnut cake for the grand occasion! The cake rounded off a lobster fest dinner with warm garlic butter,  fresh bread and salad. 

for 10 Years ...

SweetLee Made for the crew of 10 Years who won 2nd place for Best Film in the 48 Hour Film Project that Joey was honoured to be a part of!

Also won for Best Ensemble Cast, Best Cinematography and Best Audience!!!

Trailer -


Halloween would not be complete without zombies! SweetLee Made with Joey!

Thank you!

Thank you cookies made for last year's KKSA parent council volunteers who share so much of their time and energy with the school community!

We're so lucky to be part of such a great family!

Adventure Time Cupcake Toppers

The girls still love their Adventure Time!

Cupcake toppers SweetLee Made for Roma's birthday.

Luca's Baptism Cake

SweetLee Made for Luca's baptism! Bottom tier is chocolate cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream, and top tier was lemon cake with lemon & lime curd swiss meringue buttercream … curd was so good, I licked the bowl clean! ;-) I still have leftover curd and if it weren't so darn hot out, I'd make french macarons!

Cutest "little" boy ever!!! He has been affectionately nicknamed Dough Boy by his own Gong Gong! ;) Almost traded him for a Pandora bracelet! ;p

Sushi anyone?

Preston's 9th BDay cake request was sushi - california rolls … This one made me nervous, how was I gonna make it?! After much googling, I opted to make the california rolls out of candy. Thank goodness for Bulk Barn! I found candy that resembled all the ingredients for the roll: crab meat, avocado, cucumber, rice, and fish eggs! I was so thrilled!!!

Joey had a friend sleepover and she was eager to help out, so I had the girls make the rolls. I made rice krispy treats to fill up half of the roll and then had the girls cut up the candy to fit the other half of the roll. Used icing to fill up the empty spaces and topped with white sprinkles (rice) and red sugar (fish eggs). The girls did a beautiful job!

Cake itself was one layer of vanilla and one layer of chocolate, glued together with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. So glad it turned out!

Thanks KKSA!

Thanks to KKSA for a great year!

Have a great summer and see ya in September!

OOOPS Grade 6 Grad

OOOPS Grade 6 Graduation Cake

3 tiered cake (chocolate oreo, lemon, and gluten-free cinnamon)

Time flies so fast! Everyone is off to different schools next year …

Happy Retirement!

SweetLee Made for the retiring principal of KKSA. What a beautiful surprise party it was!

Lemon cake with lemon curd buttercream

One Month Celebration Cake

SweetLee Made for my cousin's daughter's first son, Liam Alexander, for his one month celebration. Apparently, I'm officially a Goo Pau … when he's old enough, he can just call me Audrey. ;-)

One tier was lemon meringue and the other was chocolate mocha.
Chinese last name on top of the cake and of course he was born in the Year of Horse …

Mustaches Everywhere!

SweetLee Made for KKSA Spirit Day, school fundraiser. The kids raffled the cake (vanilla cake with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream) and ate the hairy cookies!

Peppermint Butler

Wow … Joey's 12 … (sniffle)

Peppermint Butler from Adventure Time …

Chocolate Oreo cake with Oreo vanilla swiss buttercream

SweetLee Made for my baby

(thanks to McGreevy Cakes for the inspiration)

Earth Day

SweetLee Made for KKSA Earth Day Celebration! Chocolate cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. Was going to be ambitious and make a "core" out of red coloured rice treats but ran out of steam after a busy Easter weekend! Maybe next year! But I did make royal iced flower cookies too which I totally forgot to take pictures of …

KKSA had an amazing day of yoga, gardening, knit bombing, sound poems and media. Even found a family of bunnies burrowed in one of the outdoor planters!

Make everyday Earth Day!

Tiffany's Baby Shower

SweetLee Made for Tiffany's baby shower, her first one! Baby shower was "Tiffany"- themed and it's gonna be a boy!

Luca's One Month Celebration

SweetLee Made for Luca's One Month Celebration. Elizabeth tried so hard to hold off until Year of the Horse but Luca didn't want to wait a minute longer! He's soooo cute, that he makes me want to have another one, but not that cute! … ;-)

BTW, Elizabeth is an event planner. Cake matched the invitations … baptism to come ...

Valentine's Day Sweets

Another Valentine's Day …

SweetLee Made for Joey's new friends and teachers at KKSA!

Wonderheart Kennedy

Happy 3rd BDay Kennedy!

She was Wonderheart the Care Bear for Halloween so it's no wonder that she wanted a Wonderheart Care Bear cake!

She loves her chocolate, so chocolate it was with cream cheese and chocolate buttercream icing.

As you can see, she couldn't wait for her mom to bring the plates and forks!