Garage Inc.

This is a cake ... the main body of the car was a strawberry cake and the engine was chocolate mocha! This cake was commissioned to celebrate the launch of a new computer game, Garage Inc. That's something I wish I could do!

OMG! Where do I start? Sunday ... 4 days ... late nights ... I'm pooped! I didn't think it would be difficult just challenging. Designing the care required lots of thought, planning, and McGyver antics (thanks to hubby).
McGyver, for the young 'uns, was a TV series about a dude that got out of sticky situations with whatever was available. So it's not like a have a car board runner maker sitting on my shelf at home, so for the car board runners, we measured it out carefully and used cans (peaches), box of granola bars, stiff paper and duct tape to fashion a drying spot for the board runners so that as it dried, it kept it's shape. Took us two hours to figure that one out!!! McGyver could get out of a jam in 20mins.
What do I know?! I'VE NEVER BUILT A CAR BEFORE!?!?!? I always dreaded getting a 'car' cake order and now I know why ... So be forewarned, the next 'car' cake customer ...   ;-)

l would like to tell how amazing the cake is that you just dropped off at TRANSGAMING....makes my work look great.(better than it did before)  ~ Ken

The cake was a hit!  Thanks a lot.  ~ W.

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