Go Diego Go!

Chocolate cake and cupcakes made for a sweet boy's 2nd birthday (his birthday falls on Dec 24th)!  I've always wondered if this means he gets extra gifts?!?!

"The birthday cake was a big success! Thank you so much for doing this!"  ~Raquel


I didn't spell it wrong!

It was an iPod Touch for IPPOD. This cake (vanilla lemon) was made for a work project celebration event. The project is called IPPOD (Interprofessional Prevention of Delirium) for which they were also doing a draw for an iPod Touch at the event so they thought anything iPod would be fun!

Frosty ...

  I had so much extra cake that I decided to make cake pops!

You take all the spare cake, put it into a big bowl and crumble the pieces of cake up, add buttercream icing (not too much!) until it sticks together and make balls of cake! The rest of the instructions can be found on the Bakerella website. Thanks to Bakerella for the inspiration!

My guinea pigs were Joey's Grade 3 class and did they ever love them! One of Joey's friends came up to me and said I was the best and gave me a huge hug! I love getting hugs from little kids!

Lots of Cuteness!

SweetLee Made for an 8 yr old girl's birthday who's into all things cute!

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Juicy Strawberry!

One big juicy strawberry for a lovely girl's Sweet 16th birthday! Literally, it was a strawberry cake; strawberries in the cake, in the buttercream icing and in the fondant!

"Morgan's reaction to the cake was excellent!  She would like to meet you sometime to say thank you in person ...  
Thank you again for the amazing cake!"  ~Z

Yikes! Hope it doesn't tip over!!!


My very first topsy turvy cake! Thought it was going to be a real challenge but everything worked out. It did take me three days to make this cake from baking to decorating!

SweetLee Made for Damon's Surprise 40th BDay! It was a black and white themed party with a great band and singer! She was amazing!!! I don't know for what occasion, but we're going to have her sing for us again!

Bottom tier was hazelnut mocha, middle tier was coconut raspberry and the top layer was very chocolatey!

Jodie did an amazing job organizing the whole party and her food was delish! Especially her meatballs!!! Damon is a very lucky man!!!