Go FC Porto!!!

Soccer truly is an internationally loved sport! This is the 4th soccer cake I've made!!!

For a very special Avo Ze who turned 70 and is a HUGE FC Porto fan!!! For those of you who don't follow soccer, it's a team from Portugal. I learn something new every time I make a cake!

The ever popular vanilla cake with strawberry bc.

The cake was a hit...my dad loved it!  He was very impressed with all the details. Thanks again...you did a great job!  ~ Helen

Woof, woof!

Can't have a dog without a spikey collar, no matter how cute the dog is!

Oh so chocolatey cake made for a very special 9 year old girl's birthday!

Sweet Baby ...

What's the best word (just one) you can think of to describe the feeling of having a new baby?

Bottom tier is a vanilla cake with strawberry bc and top tier is so chocolatey!


A very vanilla cake (but of so chocolate themed!) made for an 8th- BDay girl.
The cake was designed by my cousin who came in all the way from Ottawa to see if she wanted to dabble with the art of cake decorating or stay small with her perfected cupcake creations! Guess what?!?! She loved the experience and is now hooked! We now have another cake designer in the family! I'm so looking forward to seeing her next creation!
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