Go Diego Go!

Chocolate cake and cupcakes made for a sweet boy's 2nd birthday (his birthday falls on Dec 24th)!  I've always wondered if this means he gets extra gifts?!?!

"The birthday cake was a big success! Thank you so much for doing this!"  ~Raquel


I didn't spell it wrong!

It was an iPod Touch for IPPOD. This cake (vanilla lemon) was made for a work project celebration event. The project is called IPPOD (Interprofessional Prevention of Delirium) for which they were also doing a draw for an iPod Touch at the event so they thought anything iPod would be fun!

Frosty ...

  I had so much extra cake that I decided to make cake pops!

You take all the spare cake, put it into a big bowl and crumble the pieces of cake up, add buttercream icing (not too much!) until it sticks together and make balls of cake! The rest of the instructions can be found on the Bakerella website. Thanks to Bakerella for the inspiration!

My guinea pigs were Joey's Grade 3 class and did they ever love them! One of Joey's friends came up to me and said I was the best and gave me a huge hug! I love getting hugs from little kids!

Lots of Cuteness!

SweetLee Made for an 8 yr old girl's birthday who's into all things cute!

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Juicy Strawberry!

One big juicy strawberry for a lovely girl's Sweet 16th birthday! Literally, it was a strawberry cake; strawberries in the cake, in the buttercream icing and in the fondant!

"Morgan's reaction to the cake was excellent!  She would like to meet you sometime to say thank you in person ...  
Thank you again for the amazing cake!"  ~Z

Yikes! Hope it doesn't tip over!!!


My very first topsy turvy cake! Thought it was going to be a real challenge but everything worked out. It did take me three days to make this cake from baking to decorating!

SweetLee Made for Damon's Surprise 40th BDay! It was a black and white themed party with a great band and singer! She was amazing!!! I don't know for what occasion, but we're going to have her sing for us again!

Bottom tier was hazelnut mocha, middle tier was coconut raspberry and the top layer was very chocolatey!

Jodie did an amazing job organizing the whole party and her food was delish! Especially her meatballs!!! Damon is a very lucky man!!!

Go FC Porto!!!

Soccer truly is an internationally loved sport! This is the 4th soccer cake I've made!!!

For a very special Avo Ze who turned 70 and is a HUGE FC Porto fan!!! For those of you who don't follow soccer, it's a team from Portugal. I learn something new every time I make a cake!

The ever popular vanilla cake with strawberry bc.

The cake was a hit...my dad loved it!  He was very impressed with all the details. Thanks again...you did a great job!  ~ Helen

Woof, woof!

Can't have a dog without a spikey collar, no matter how cute the dog is!

Oh so chocolatey cake made for a very special 9 year old girl's birthday!

Sweet Baby ...

What's the best word (just one) you can think of to describe the feeling of having a new baby?

Bottom tier is a vanilla cake with strawberry bc and top tier is so chocolatey!


A very vanilla cake (but of so chocolate themed!) made for an 8th- BDay girl.
The cake was designed by my cousin who came in all the way from Ottawa to see if she wanted to dabble with the art of cake decorating or stay small with her perfected cupcake creations! Guess what?!?! She loved the experience and is now hooked! We now have another cake designer in the family! I'm so looking forward to seeing her next creation!
I sense a family business happening in the near future ... :-)Publish Post

Trick or Treat!

Gimme something good to eat!

OK! Eat these! Maybe the only time you'd be able to say that you ate brains, fingers, an eye, a spider, and worms! Beat this Fear Factor!!!

Van & choc cupcakes with caramel bc, cookies & cream bc, strawberry bc, van & choc bc

For a Worthy Cause!

WELNepal is a charitable organization. It was established in the autumn of 2005 to fund women's literacy classes for the villages in the Chitwan area of Nepal. 
No one thought it was real and once they found out it was real, no one wanted to cut into it!

Bottom tier is vanilla strawberry (3 layers), middle tier is mocha toffee (2 layers), top tier is cookies and cream (2 layers). 

Took a picture with a water bottle to show scale. It was a BIG cake, over 20lbs!

Once again I want to tell you how "wowed" I was by the wonderful cake you made. It was  perfect and almost too good to eat, except for the fact that is tasted great! Thank you ...
~ David 

One Day in November ...

as quiet as a mouse, a baby will be sleeping in the house ...

Sugar cookies! I had to make extra (extra in my house does not mean 3 or 4. Extra in my house means, 3 or 4 dozen!) so that my cookie monster doesn't get into the customer's stash!

Beach baby!

Vanilla and chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream.

Usually, it takes me hours to make the gumpaste figures/objects because I'm such a neurotic perfectionist and absolutely anal about details (can I say that with reference to edible stuff?!)! But I managed to make everything on the first try. Putting everything together on the cake is the most time consuming thing for me. I'd sit there and just look at the blank cake and then the tray of gumpaste objects, back and forth for 20 minutes, hmmm, where to put that? hmmm, where do I put this? hmmm ... 

So far, this is one of my favs! I'm really thrilled with the way it turned out! :-) 

Audrey - everyone is totally floored by your beautiful cake! I am beyond pleased! Thank u so much! xo ~Amanda

Dance Fever!

Birthday girl Sofia wanted purple, that was her only must have for her 7th birthday cake. And the theme was Dance Party! Hmmm ...

Cuppies were easy enough! Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. Done.

So, how am I going to decorate a dance party cake? Definitely - stars, musical notes, gotta have a dance floor! And if you have a dance floor, you gotta have dancers! And I WANTED A SHINY, SPARKLY, DISCO BALL!!! The dance cake HAS to have a disco ball! Do I make one?! Heck, no, I didn't have enough time. Do I buy one?! How do I incorporate it into the design?!

My brilliant (don't tell him I said so!) husband came up with the idea of hanging it over the cake, lighting candles around it, turning off the lights, and voila! Saturday Night Fever come to life in a cake!
Great idea, but how were we going to make it happen?! So he started playing around with a hanger. It hung over the cake but the ball was too heavy and drooped precariously ONTO the cake. So that idea was scrapped and he suggested just putting the ball on the dance floor. That was not good enough for me. He told me not to spend any more time on the idea and just finish the cake. Well if anyone knows me ...
Well, I finished decorating the cake and had some time. All the while, I knew I had to use the hanger wire because I did not have time to run out and source out another idea. I knew it was just a matter of physics (by the way, I didn't even take physics in high school). So I bent the wire this way and that way and on my first attempt after 10mins, it worked! YEAH! I was so thrilled to have a disco ball twirling over the dance floor!
My husband was impressed and said he didn't have the patience to continue fussing with the wire ...

Anyways, glad it worked out and I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the cake (complete with dancers and candles) from the party. Due to transportation, the dancers were not added until cake time at the party.

The cake and cupcakes were a big hit. My friends were really
impressed!!! and YUMMY. Thanks again... ~ Raquel

Testing, Teacakes, Testing, 1 2 3

So excited! That's what I get worked up about - new pans, cooking gadgets, cookbooks. What a geek, eh?!?! I bought a new baking pan (mini tea cakes) on Friday. So I tested it out on Sunday and here they are.

More Butter Please!

Can't have a movie without popcorn! Vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream. This was fun and was easier to make than I expected.

The cake was a HUGE box office success! Everyone oohed and aahed and loved the popcorn on top!  ~ Debbie

Jesse's 40th BDay

Happy 40th BDay Jesse! Sorry that Soda got into your cake! I hear she likes to eat socks too! 4-layer choc cake with choc bc and assorted cupcakes which I forgot to take photos of!!! 
I had to make Soda 3 times before I got the proportions right ...

OH MY GOD!!!! You are amazing!!!!! It is even better than I imagined!!! Love it. XO  ~Sarah

Stella & Yuri's Beautiful Day

Cake was a breeze (choc with choc bc and vanilla with vanilla bc, nice and simple) ... cookies, hmmm, that's a whole other story... Glad I made it through this one! There's a book to go with the pictures ... stay tuned! 

Unfortunately, this rookie had no prior experience with edible paper. Here's my story ...

I made 235 heart shaped cookies, flooded them, let them dry, sprayed with pearl lustre. Absolutely lovely! Thought monogram was going to be a breeze ... wow, was I wrong and boy, I should have tried it out weeks in advance! Not a rookie mistake I'd like to repeat! Got the font, very pretty, and thought no problem, easy. Could not use edible markers or pipe it freehand, too detailed and would yield an inconsistent look. So I bought plastic stencil sheets from Michaels, tried to cut monogram out with a stencil burning tool, what a mess! They did not work out this way. So I cut stencil #2 with an xacto knife, detailed work. Some parts fell out! I had to leave small gaps of plastic uncut to keep the script intact, that was stencil #3, and how will i connect the gaps?  Thought I could smear template with royal icing which I did but my icing consistency was too runny so it bled out so I thought that this was not going to be an option, not to mention filling in the gaps of 200+ cookies by hand with a toothpick! So I raced to get the fancy script printed on edible paper. I sent it in a word doc to my favourite baking supplier, they were super nice and printed it the same day and I thought I was saved! Phew! Went to pick it up and the Y script came out as Times New Roman font ... and it should have been in Splendid ES font ... ugh! I needed 200+, managed to squeeze 15 on a page, so I needed 15 pages of this script ... add it up my friends! My baking suppliers suggested bringing in a printed page of the script and she could redo. Which I eventually managed to do and got back there at 4:15pm same day (they close at 4:30pm). Which she kindly printed it up again for me before the store closed. So add that to my previous bill. Thanks again to the staff there for not making me come back the next day to pick them up! They was awesome! So I took them home and tried one out. Ugh! The edges showed! Could not cut the edible paper to the size of the cookies because I squeezed 15 monograms onto each page. I tried to smooth out the edges with water. UGH! I tried to smooth out the edges with royal icing. UGH! What am I going to do?!?!? I only had one more day to work with! And a wedding cake to make! So I went back to the template, fixed the icing to the proper consistency, and tried it again. This was the only way to go. I worked the template and my darling hubby filled in the gaps with a toothpick. I spent 5 wasted hours and $$$ on the edible paper stuff for this project. Will definitely be more organized for the next project. 

I delivered the cake and cookies to the venue, which was a beautiful golf course in Maple. I'm looking forward to seeing the wedding photos as it was the wedding of one of my buddy's best friends! So I was thrilled to have been a part of her special day!

Anyways, that was my edible paper story. I know it was long but thanks for letting me share it with you! 

Anyone need fancy script S & Y edible monograms?!?!

Wine Connoisseur

For a special 50th birthday for a Pinot Noir wine lover. Coconut cake with lime curd buttercream. This was a fun one to make! More wine anyone?!

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for that amazing cake!!  Eddy loved it!!  It was absolutely perfect!!  Everyone was amazed!! We had some real foodies and they were impressed!! Great flavour and incredible design!! We had about 25 people in total and there was plenty...lots of people had seconds...some thirds!!  ~Ellen

First Comes Love ...

Steph and Josh's wedding cookies (gingerbread). Words could not adequately describe the beautiful day and all the love in the room ... Thanks so much for sharing your special day with me!

Nemu Nemu, Anpan and El Polo Loco

Introducing from top to bottom, Anpan, El Polo Loco and Nemu Nemu. WHO!?!? Japanese anime characters ... Made for Joey's best friend since they were 2 years old! Simply chocolate with vanilla and chocolate buttercream.

Thanks again for making Roma's birthday party very special with the customized cupcakes!  ~Victor

Tower of Flowers

Wedding cupcake tower (vanilla, lemon, rasp/lemon, choc, choc/rasp mini and standard sized cuppies)

Blue Flowers with Ballet Shoes?!

Preston's 5th BDay Cake 
That's what he wanted - a cake with blue flowers and pink ballet slippers. We tried to make other suggestions (bicycle, pony, etc) but he would not be swayed ...
Top tier was vanilla cake layered with caramel crunch buttercream, and bottom tier was vanilla cake layered with cookies and cream buttercream

Hermes (NOT the bag)

Thank goodness, this was the last of 5 cakes for the week! Hermes winged sandal (& foot) made for a 9 yr old boy who loves Greek mythology. Again, I left the other wing off for fear of breakage on delivery. Vanilla cake layered with vanilla caramel crunch (toe jam) buttercream.
Yeah! We found the other wing! Now he can really fly!

Kick Me!

Never knew how popular soccer was! Third soccer ball this year ... For a grown up 11 year old girl who likes vanilla cake layered with chocolate buttercream.

This was order #4 (of 5). Only one more to go ...

Thank you for a wonderful cake-it was a great hit with all the girls.  ~Rola

Easy Peasy Bridal Cuppies

Thank goodness this was cake order #3! It was quick and easy - chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream for a discerning bride-to-be!

Pegasus (without wings)

How can I call it Pegasus without wings?! Well it is! I left the wings off because I didn't want them to break on delivery! I'm hoping they send me a picture of the cake with the wings on ... A chocolate cake made to order with cookies and cream buttercream icing for a special 6 year old girl whose favourite colour (of the moment) is blue and rainbow!

This was order number 2 (of 5) ...

The cake was a big hit!  Layla says a big thank you!  ~Sonia

Cute Ladybug

Ladybug cake made for OOOPS Fun Fair cake walk (chocolate cake layered with crunchy bug bits in the chocolate buttercream). Just kiddin - it was just caramel crunch aka Skor toffee bits. This was the first of 5 orders I had for the same week (3 ready for Friday and 2 ready for Sunday!!!)

Joey's 8th Birthday

Of all the different themes of cakes she could have asked for, she wanted vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for her Grade 2/3 class decorated with sour keys ...

and a simple 3-tiered chocolate caramel crunch cake, which she decorated with sour keys and jelly beans, for her slumber party!

Om Shanti

Bottom layer was chocolate caramel crunch and top layer was a vanilla raspberry cake, all covered with chocolate fondant. Made to celebrate our yoga teacher graduation!