Ombre Rose Cake

SweetLee Made for Sarah's birthday theme party, "End of the World".  How does my cake tie into "End of the World", you ask? It doesn't. Christmas was just around the corner ... and I wanted to do an "End of the World" type cake but Sarah's too pretty and awesome for that, so I opted for an ombre rose cake. Which turned out pretty swell ...

We had to dress up too ... it was bizarre ... you had to be there ...

Xmas Cookies 2012

Gingerbread cookies decorated with royal icing
Mexican tea balls (with almonds & hazelnuts)
Shortbread: classic and with lemon drizzle
Almond cookies with cinnamon sugar

You count 'em!


SweetLee Made for Alex's 10th BDay which we celebrated at her ski cabin in Collingwood! Girls had a fabulous time!

Come Swim With Me!

Lais and Joey started watching some Aussie TV show, H2O: Just Add Water, which propelled their mermaid obsession. Did you know that you can turn into a mermaid during a full moon if you take a dip into a magical ocean pool?!?!

Joey also ended up getting a turquoise swimming tail for Christmas, complete with a monofin! She tries to coincide her swim dates with the full moon too!

Happy Bday Mom!

SweetLee Made for my mom's surprise 70th Bday. Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. Joey made the beautiful flower topper!


SweetLee Made for the OOOPS cake walk

Sock Monkey

For Joey's 10th birthday cake, she asked for a sock monkey cake but thought it was too ambitious for her old mother.  So she asked for a Tokidoki Latte character instead (I had to google it) ...

She finally took a leap of faith and look what happened!

She made her sock monkey a few years ago at CARE and sleeps with it every night and takes it with her to every sleepover. It was difficult for her to part with it while I used it as my model for two nights. She loves her sock monkey ...
Dismembered ... bloody stump
What the head used to look like ...

Decapitated ... sick kids added blood and the murder weapon ...

It's a Girl!

Cupcakes made for Joyce and Matt to celebrate their new addition to the family! Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, adorned with vintage carnival cupcake toppers.

Anne's un-BDay Cake?!

SweetLee Made for Anne's un-birthday!  Long story ... Was hoping to use a different piping technique (star-tipped swirls) but didn't have enough buttercream so did this piping instead, which still looked pretty! 

Wally's BDay Request

Went to Lee's for a fabulous dinner, then back to our place for a dreamy cake and poker (I won the pot!!!). He asked for something with coconut so coconut he got (coconut cake layered with raspberry coulis and coconut custard).

My Little Baker

My little baker made mini raspberry coconut cakes with leftover cake!

SweetHeart Cookies

SweetLee Made for Valentine's Day (gingerbread cookies)

Mickey Mouse

Miss Kennedy's First BDay Cake
(vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream)