Blue Flowers with Ballet Shoes?!

Preston's 5th BDay Cake 
That's what he wanted - a cake with blue flowers and pink ballet slippers. We tried to make other suggestions (bicycle, pony, etc) but he would not be swayed ...
Top tier was vanilla cake layered with caramel crunch buttercream, and bottom tier was vanilla cake layered with cookies and cream buttercream

Hermes (NOT the bag)

Thank goodness, this was the last of 5 cakes for the week! Hermes winged sandal (& foot) made for a 9 yr old boy who loves Greek mythology. Again, I left the other wing off for fear of breakage on delivery. Vanilla cake layered with vanilla caramel crunch (toe jam) buttercream.
Yeah! We found the other wing! Now he can really fly!

Kick Me!

Never knew how popular soccer was! Third soccer ball this year ... For a grown up 11 year old girl who likes vanilla cake layered with chocolate buttercream.

This was order #4 (of 5). Only one more to go ...

Thank you for a wonderful cake-it was a great hit with all the girls.  ~Rola

Easy Peasy Bridal Cuppies

Thank goodness this was cake order #3! It was quick and easy - chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream for a discerning bride-to-be!

Pegasus (without wings)

How can I call it Pegasus without wings?! Well it is! I left the wings off because I didn't want them to break on delivery! I'm hoping they send me a picture of the cake with the wings on ... A chocolate cake made to order with cookies and cream buttercream icing for a special 6 year old girl whose favourite colour (of the moment) is blue and rainbow!

This was order number 2 (of 5) ...

The cake was a big hit!  Layla says a big thank you!  ~Sonia

Cute Ladybug

Ladybug cake made for OOOPS Fun Fair cake walk (chocolate cake layered with crunchy bug bits in the chocolate buttercream). Just kiddin - it was just caramel crunch aka Skor toffee bits. This was the first of 5 orders I had for the same week (3 ready for Friday and 2 ready for Sunday!!!)