Thanks for Grade 7!

Chai Latte Cupcakes

Another great year at KKSA!

Thanks again to Mrs O'Ketch and her wonderful team of teachers and staff for another great year at KKSA. Looking forward to Grade 8!

We wish everyone a safe and fun summer!

Okay! You caught me ... lame cupcakes this year?! They were still quite delicious! My original idea was the beautiful french macaron but they were a flop. Not difficult to make but a challenge to perfect. I think I'm on try no 7. Honestly, I've lost count. I can get feet but they were hollow :( Then I did another batch and they had no feet but rose to the occasion and were not hollow! So frustrating and they are so finicky! Needless to say, I cannot give out subpar baked goodies under my SweetLee Made name hence the cupcakes ... I felt so ashamed at having to resort to cupcakes. Sorry KKSA, next year will be the year!

I have yet to master them but I will not give up! Am definitely looking forward to the next challenge, hopefully perfected before the end of June 2016! ;)


SweetLee Made for Preston's 10th BDay! They are all growing up so fast!

Sweet little boy (not so little anymore!) called up and requested banana cake. It's his birthday, so of course he got what he wanted!

Love you P!

OMG! 13!

OMG! My little girl is 13! Where did the time go?!

You can tell she's growing up even by the cake she chose. Tiramisu, complete with a "little" rum ;) And rainbow buttercream icing on confetti cupcakes cause although she's a teen now, she's still a little girl at heart! <3

Trick candles that re-light!

Banana Cream Pie

SweetLee Made for the boy's 21st BDay! ;)

Chocolate, banana cream pie!

May the Force Be With You!

SweetLee Made for Luca's 1st Bday! Chocolate and vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream!

Hello Kitty!

SweetLee Made for Princess Kennedy's 3rd Bday! Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream