Xmas Goodies 2013

Wow! It was a whirlwind of sugar this holiday season! Packed over 10 tin of cookies to give away to friends and family which were gratefully received.

There were gingerbread cookies, mexican tea balls, regular and cinnamon shortbread, and I made almond brittle and maple rosemary popcorn too for the first time! Thank goodness, I don't have a sweet tooth, but I did eat most of the popcorn! ;-)

If you can believe it, we still have one container of cookies left, only 1/4 full ...

Waiting for Hammie!

SweetLee Made for my cousin Elizabeth's baby shower! Can't believe I used to babysit her!?!?!?

She's grown up to be a beautiful woman, inside and out! So proud of her. She event co-ordinated her own baby shower! You have to check it out:

It was a beautiful event, with close family and friends, celebrating the next chapter in her life!

Lemon Meringue Cake

SweetLee Made for Jodie's 40th BDay party, and what a party it was! Damon laid out a delicious spread: antipasto, watermelon arugula salad, fresh heirloom tomatoes with mozzarella fior and basil, couscous salad, meatballs in tomato sauce, ribs, steak, fish ... oh you just had to be there, mmmmm ...

Best of all, highlight of the night, I finally got a chance to be one of Damon's sous-chef!
Thanks D!

The styled picture of the bday cake complete with gumpaste flower (easier to make than I thought, phew!) ....

Lemon Meringue Cake - Jodie's favourite of course ...
lemon swiss meringue buttercream, lemon sponge cake with layers of lemon curd ... even I ate two pieces! Rare occurrence as I rarely eat my own cakes. Definitely gonna make this one again!

Iron Man

Happy 8th Birthday Preston!
We stuck a shooting sparkler in his hand and lit it! Way cool! 
vanilla cake with chocolate Swiss Meringue buttercream

50 Shades of Blue

Not that kind of girl ... or am I? ;-) But it caught your attention! 
SweetLee Made for Joey's school Staff Appreciation Lunch
Banana cake with cream cheese Swiss Meringue buttercream

Too cool!

SweetLee Made for Joey's school Fun Fair, Cake Walk game ...
vanilla cake with Swiss Meringue buttercream

Mustache Frenzy

How the heck did the mustache become so trendy?!?!

Anyways, they were SweetLee Made for Joey's school Fun Fair, along with a similar themed cake for the "ever-so-popular Cake Walk" which wasn't this year?!?!    

I made enough to fill an XL-pizza box! Good thing too cause they were very popular!



SweetLee Made for Joey's 11th BDay! Vanilla cake with chocolate toffee buttercream.

I know, right?!?! Can't believe she's 11!!!

Party started with trampoline dodgeball with 14 kids, bouncing mayhem! Then 5 kids came over for a sleepover (unfortunately, our house is the size of a small summer cottage). Complete with spaghetti meat sauce dinner, roasted marshmallows in the backyard for dessert, fireworks in the park (perks of being born on the "May 24" weekend!), movie and then sleep.

That day completely wiped me out! Thank goodness it's only once a year! ;-)

Cat Emoji

Cat Emoji for a special 1 year old girl!

Banana cake with cream cheese icing

Gunter Time!

Happy BD Emma!

Did you know that Gunter has a song about him?!?!

Chocolate and vanilla cake with swiss meringue buttercream

Gunter, Why Did You Gunt My Fries? / Fry Song

Space Travel with Cleo and Anouk


SweetLee Made for the after party of the screening of The Intergalactic Space Adventures of Cleo and Anouk at the TIFF Bell Lightbox which starred my Joey and co-star Ella B. And of course, there were chocolate chip space cookies too!

It was an amazing movie and the whole crew did a spectacular job! Big thank you's to the entire team!!!

3 tiers of cake; vanilla, chocolate and banana

Bird Nests

Cake balls made into bird nests (banana cake with cream cheese icing, covered in dark chocolate and sprinkles. I'm not a cake girl but they were oh sooooo yummy .... hmmmmm

Anne's BDay Tiramisu

The only reason she shared it was because we delivered it and stayed for a visit! ;-)

Happy Heart Day!

Sharing the love with her teachers and friends, and of course, mumma & daddy <3

May the Force Be With You

My cousin Greg's 30th Bday, but please don't think any less of him for still liking Star Wars and looking like a Stormtrooper! It was his sister's gift to him (she did all the design work!), so he's got no choice but to wear it, his older sister who can still beat him up ... (trying to help you out here Greg ;-))

Anyways, this was the cake idea she had and I offered to assist as she was coming in from Ottawa and it was her first "ball" cake. And it was a nice excuse to hang out and catch up on life. 

She did all the design work and it turned out great! Loved her details with the panels on the Death Star. 

Molly the Bubble Guppie

I know eh?! What's a Bubble Guppie?! I had no idea what it was. I had to google it. It's a cross between a fish (guppy) and mermaid ... And Molly was her favourite!!!

It was SweetLee Made for Kennedy's 2nd birthday. It was half vanilla and half chocolate cake, with vanilla buttercream icing.