May the Force Be With You

My cousin Greg's 30th Bday, but please don't think any less of him for still liking Star Wars and looking like a Stormtrooper! It was his sister's gift to him (she did all the design work!), so he's got no choice but to wear it, his older sister who can still beat him up ... (trying to help you out here Greg ;-))

Anyways, this was the cake idea she had and I offered to assist as she was coming in from Ottawa and it was her first "ball" cake. And it was a nice excuse to hang out and catch up on life. 

She did all the design work and it turned out great! Loved her details with the panels on the Death Star. 

Molly the Bubble Guppie

I know eh?! What's a Bubble Guppie?! I had no idea what it was. I had to google it. It's a cross between a fish (guppy) and mermaid ... And Molly was her favourite!!!

It was SweetLee Made for Kennedy's 2nd birthday. It was half vanilla and half chocolate cake, with vanilla buttercream icing.