Iron Man

Happy 8th Birthday Preston!
We stuck a shooting sparkler in his hand and lit it! Way cool! 
vanilla cake with chocolate Swiss Meringue buttercream

50 Shades of Blue

Not that kind of girl ... or am I? ;-) But it caught your attention! 
SweetLee Made for Joey's school Staff Appreciation Lunch
Banana cake with cream cheese Swiss Meringue buttercream

Too cool!

SweetLee Made for Joey's school Fun Fair, Cake Walk game ...
vanilla cake with Swiss Meringue buttercream

Mustache Frenzy

How the heck did the mustache become so trendy?!?!

Anyways, they were SweetLee Made for Joey's school Fun Fair, along with a similar themed cake for the "ever-so-popular Cake Walk" which wasn't this year?!?!    

I made enough to fill an XL-pizza box! Good thing too cause they were very popular!