Thanks KKSA!

Thanks to KKSA for a great year!

Have a great summer and see ya in September!

OOOPS Grade 6 Grad

OOOPS Grade 6 Graduation Cake

3 tiered cake (chocolate oreo, lemon, and gluten-free cinnamon)

Time flies so fast! Everyone is off to different schools next year …

Happy Retirement!

SweetLee Made for the retiring principal of KKSA. What a beautiful surprise party it was!

Lemon cake with lemon curd buttercream

One Month Celebration Cake

SweetLee Made for my cousin's daughter's first son, Liam Alexander, for his one month celebration. Apparently, I'm officially a Goo Pau … when he's old enough, he can just call me Audrey. ;-)

One tier was lemon meringue and the other was chocolate mocha.
Chinese last name on top of the cake and of course he was born in the Year of Horse …

Mustaches Everywhere!

SweetLee Made for KKSA Spirit Day, school fundraiser. The kids raffled the cake (vanilla cake with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream) and ate the hairy cookies!