Dance Fever!

Birthday girl Sofia wanted purple, that was her only must have for her 7th birthday cake. And the theme was Dance Party! Hmmm ...

Cuppies were easy enough! Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. Done.

So, how am I going to decorate a dance party cake? Definitely - stars, musical notes, gotta have a dance floor! And if you have a dance floor, you gotta have dancers! And I WANTED A SHINY, SPARKLY, DISCO BALL!!! The dance cake HAS to have a disco ball! Do I make one?! Heck, no, I didn't have enough time. Do I buy one?! How do I incorporate it into the design?!

My brilliant (don't tell him I said so!) husband came up with the idea of hanging it over the cake, lighting candles around it, turning off the lights, and voila! Saturday Night Fever come to life in a cake!
Great idea, but how were we going to make it happen?! So he started playing around with a hanger. It hung over the cake but the ball was too heavy and drooped precariously ONTO the cake. So that idea was scrapped and he suggested just putting the ball on the dance floor. That was not good enough for me. He told me not to spend any more time on the idea and just finish the cake. Well if anyone knows me ...
Well, I finished decorating the cake and had some time. All the while, I knew I had to use the hanger wire because I did not have time to run out and source out another idea. I knew it was just a matter of physics (by the way, I didn't even take physics in high school). So I bent the wire this way and that way and on my first attempt after 10mins, it worked! YEAH! I was so thrilled to have a disco ball twirling over the dance floor!
My husband was impressed and said he didn't have the patience to continue fussing with the wire ...

Anyways, glad it worked out and I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the cake (complete with dancers and candles) from the party. Due to transportation, the dancers were not added until cake time at the party.

The cake and cupcakes were a big hit. My friends were really
impressed!!! and YUMMY. Thanks again... ~ Raquel

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