Medieval Castle

Top tier is chocolate cake with caramel buttercream; bottom is choc/vanilla with strawberry buttercream. Made to celebrate a Medieval Feast at a daycare


  1. Your cake is amazing! You wouldn't have a How To would you? Or just a general description of how you made it? Thanks a million!!

  2. Hi Becca! Glad you like it! Wasn't terrible difficult. Although Nordic does sell a 'medieval' cake pan which takes all the challenge out of it! ;-)

    Anyways, it's just a two tiered cake. I used flat-bottomed ice cream cones for the turret towers and partially cut some of it off and pushed it into the cake. I used wafer stick cookies (e.g. Loacker) on top of the turret walls and for the walls between the ice cream cones. the windows are black fondant, as is the drawbridge door. used spaghetti noodles for the drawbridge 'chain' and a chocolate bar for the bridge. the water is blue piping gel and the sand is graham crumbs, with buttercream underneath it.

    Good luck and don't hesitate to contact me again if you need more ... love to see your version when you're done! Enjoy!